Two Portuguese Songs – II

Vasco Alves

Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores




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The Two Portuguese Songs II were made as part of Vasco Alves musical project titled d'Roda no Ar. The scores of these songs are gathered in this book to serve as a basic reference for musical interpretation and pedagogy. For this purpose, these musical arrangements include musical elements such as form, melody, harmony, other musical elements and the lyrics of each song.

The first song, entitled "Voltar a Ser", speaks of the drama that plagues Portuguese youth and forced them to emigrate for lack of job opportunities in their home country. As such, this song refers to feelings of disappointment while inviting reflection on the need for resilience. The second song, entitled "Noites de Verão", refers to the youthful experiences during the summer season night parties.
Prelude 4

Acronyms and Signs 5

1. Voltar a Ser 6
1.1. Lyrics 7
1.2. General Score 8
1.3. Harmony Part Score 19
1.4. Melody Part Score 21
1.5. Soprano Saxophone Part Score 23

2. Noites de Verão 25
2.1. Lyrics 26
1.2. General Score 27
1.3. Trombone Part Score 42
1.4. Horn in F Part Score 45
1.5. Trumpet in B b Part Score 47
1.7. Tenor Saxophone Part Score 50
1.8. Alto Saxophone Part Score 52
1.9. Accordion Part Score 55
1.10. Bass Guitar Part Score 58
1.11. Acoustic Guitar Part Score 61
1.12. Cello Part Score 64
1.13. Violin Part Score 67
1.14. Voice Part Score 70
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