Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping

Red China, The Next Generation

University Press of America






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List of Tables Acknowledgements Introduction Part 1. Born under Mao (1953-1976) Chapter 1. Revolutionary Roots Chapter 2. The Little Emperors of Zhongnanhai Chapter 3. Disgrace Chapter 4. Return to the Yellow Earth Part 2. A Young Reformist Cadre (1976-2003) Chapter 5. Rising Star Chapter 6. 17 years in Fujian Chapter 7. The Charismatic Peng Liyuan Chapter 8. The Final Days of the Father Part 3. The Leader of the 5th Generation (2007-2012) Chapter 9. In Search of a Successor Chapter 10. The Year of the Dragon Chapter 11. The 18th Congress Chapter 12. A Red Princeling Par Excellence Chapter 13. All the President's Men Part 4. The Challenges of a New Generation Chapter 14. Xi and Li Put to the Test Chapter 15. The Singapore Model Chapter 16. Sensitive Territory Chapter 17. Xi Jinping in Command Chapter 18. High Profile Diplomacy Conclusion Bibliography Index
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