Women in the Modern History of Libya

Women in the Modern History of Libya

Exploring Transnational Trajectories

Spadaro, Barbara; Yeaw, Katrina

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Introduction: Gender and transnational histories of Libya Barbara Spadaro and Katrina Yeaw 1. Centre and periphery: variations in gendered space among Libyan Jews in the late Ottoman period Rachel Simon 2. Finding women and gender in the sources: toward a historical anthropology of Ottoman Tripoli Nora Lafi 3. Gender, violence and resistance under Italian rule in Cyrenaica, 1923-1934 Katrina Yeaw 4. Remembering the 'Italian' Jewish homes of Libya: gender and transcultural memory (1967-2013) Barbara Spadaro 5. Our star: Amazigh music and the production of intimacy in 2011 Libya Leila Tayeb
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Colonialism; Colonial History; Gender; identity politics; Libya; Libyan Culture; Libyan History; Memory; North Africa; North African History; North African Women; The Journal of North African Studies; transnational history; Women's History