Women in the Digital World

Women in the Digital World

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1. Introduction-Women in the digital world 2. Digital microaggressions and everyday othering: an analysis of tweets sent to women members of Parliament in the UK 3. Insta(nt)famous? Visual self-presentation and the use of masculine and feminine issues by female politicians on Instagram 4. Women learn while men talk?: revisiting gender differences in political engagement in online environments 5. It's a man's (online) world. Personality traits and the gender gap in online political discussion 6. The power of code: women and the making of the digital world 7. Trouble in programmer's paradise: gender-biases in sharing and recognising technical knowledge on Stack Overflow 8. Digital divide and marginalized women during COVID-19: a study of women recently released from prison 9. Online cultural backlash? sexism and political user-generated content 10. Let's (re)tweet about racism and sexism: responses to cyber aggression toward Black and Asian women 11. Evidentiary activism in the digital age: on the rise of feminist struggles against gender-based online violence 12. Beacons over bridges: hashtags, visibility, and sexual assault disclosure on social media
Gender inequality;social media;online harassment;incivility;political engagement;gender gap;online violence