Women Speak Nation

Women Speak Nation

Gender, Culture, and Politics

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Women speak nation: an introduction Panchali Ray PART I Gender, nation, and nationalism 1 Women and nation revisited Partha Chatterjee 2 The Verma Committee report, 2013: notes on nation, gender, and crime Swapan Chakravorty 3 The gendered nation: to be recoded or rejected? Anuradha Roy PART II Class-caste-community: negotiating the secular, the liberal, and the modern 4 Shia women and their 'place-making': gendered agency in the Muharram gatherings in Kolkata Epsita Halder 5 Speaking in a different voice: Dalit women writing in Bengali Nandini Saha 6 Dance of dissent: dancing Tagore in the age of nationalism Aishika Chakraborty PART III Women's movement(s), representations, and resistances 7 Towards reparative readings: reflections on feminist solidarities in a troubling present J. Devika 8 Political motherhood and a spectacular resistance: (Re)examining the Kangla Fort Protest, Manipur Panchali Ray 9 'Their' suicide letter: an exercise in reading that is always incomplete Sayan Bhattacharya 10 Inside/out: women's movement and women in movements Mallarika Sinha Roy PART IV Voices of dissent 11 Resisting AFSPA, fighting the nation: an interview with Irom Sharmila Chanu Panchali Ray 12 Narratives from Bastar: an interview with Soni Sori Panchali Ray 13 Living in Curfewland: Kashmir 2016 Natasha Rather 14 Coal mining and ecological fragility: questioning development, questioning growth Priya Pillai 15 Tale of a Brahmin and a Shudrani Kalyani Thakur (translated from Bangla by Sayantan Dasgupta)
contemporary politics; Dalit Literature; Feminism; feminist critique; Nationalism; nationalism; normative gendered relations; Queer; Third World; visual culture