Women Artists and the Decorative Arts 1880-1935

Women Artists and the Decorative Arts 1880-1935

The Gender of Ornament


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Contents: Introduction, Bridget Elliott and Janice Helland; Patterns of life: The art and design of Phoebe Anna Traquair and Mary Seton Watts, Elizabeth Cumming; May Morris: ubiquitous, invisible arts and craftswoman, Jan Marsh; The decorated object: gender, modernism and the design of industrial ceramics in Britain in the 1930s, Cheryl Buckley; Owning femininity: Thea Proctor and the Australian avant-garde, Pamela Gerrish Nunn; The performative art of court dress, Janice Helland; 'She would not cook the spaghetti...': domestic and decorative femininity and the film designs of Natacha Rambova, Jennifer Cottrill; Laura Nagy: MagyA!r Muse, Sandra Alfoldy; Engendering the spaces of modernity: The Women's Exhibition, Amsterdam 1913, Jane Beckett; Housing the work: women artists, modernism and the maison d'artiste: Eileen Gray, Romaine Brooks and Gluck, Bridget Elliott; Crystal flowers, pink candy hearts, and tinsel creation: The subversive femininity of Florine Stettheimer, Barbara J. Bloemink; Index.