Wise Practices

Wise Practices

Exploring Indigenous Economic Justice and Self-Determination

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Part 1: Facilitating and Framing Wise Practices 1. Indigenous Economic Justice and Self-Determination: Wise Practices In Indigenous Law, Governance, And Leadership 2. A Wise Practices Approach to Indigenous Law, Governance And Leadership: Resistance Against The Imposition Of Law 3. Wise Practices: Toward A Paradigm of Indigenous Applied Community Economic Development Research And Facilitation Part 2: The State of the Law 4. Economic Justice in Practice 5. Of Spectrums and Foundations: An Investigation into The Limitations Of Aboriginal Rights. 6. The State Of Canadian Law on Representation and Standing In Aboriginal Rights And Title Litigation 7. Miyo Pimatisiwin And The Politics Of Ignorance: Advancing Indigenous 'Good Living' Through Dismantling Our Mediated Relations Part 3: Alternative in Practice 8. Accepting Responsibility For Your Nationhood Is Worthwhile For Any Nation On Earth, Not Just Indigenous People. 9. Wise Practices in Indigenous Economic Development & Environmental Protection 10. Looking Inward, Looking Outward: Finding Solutions in Indigenous and International Law 11. Victory through Honour: Bridging Canadian Intellectual Property Laws and Kwakwaka'wakw Cultural Property Laws