Winds of Change

Winds of Change

The Challenge of Modernity in the Middle East and North Africa

Sabet, Behrooz; Rohani, Cyrus

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Foreword Preface 1. Towards a Discursive Framework of Change, Behrooz Sabet & Cyrus Rohani 2. Culture for Openness and Coexistence: How Can We Create It?, Abdul Hamid Al-Ansari 3. Guiding Principles of Leadership for the Twenty-First Century, Cyrus Rohani 4. Confronting Violence through Policies of Dialogue: Towards Establishing a 'Citizenship that Incorporates Diversity' in the Post-ISIS Era, Saad Salloum 5. Nonviolence and the Challenges in the Middle East, Ramin Jahanbegloo 6. Religion of Peace: Islamic Principles of Good Governance, Christopher Buck 7. Traditionalist and Reformist Discourses Pertaining to Islamic Revival, Armin Eschraghi 8. Defining Islamic Social Principles, Christopher Buck 9. Women's Rights in the Middle East, Nazila Ghanea 10. Reason in Islam: Taking Back Their Own, Ian Kluge 11. 'Be Just': Qur'anic Ethics as Benchmarks for Islamic Law, Christopher Buck
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Arab Youth; Middle East; North Africa; social mobilisation; Arab Spring; political upheaval; revolution; democracy in the Middle East; sociology