What's the Score?

What's the Score?

25 Years of Teaching Women's Sports History

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Timeline: 101 Turning Points in Women's Sports History Prologue: The Bus Ride before the Game Introduction: Nothing Better to Do on a Friday Night? 1. The Strength of Our Foremothers: Engaging Student Athletes with the Past 2. How Female Athletes Disappear: Headlines, Publicity, and Media Activism 3. Tomboy Identities, Muscular Ideals: Discussing Gender Roles and Homophobia in Sports 4. From Half-Court to Federal Court: Title IX and the American Playing Field 5. Global Encounters with Women's Sports: Teaching Students at Sea 6. Challenges for a Women's Sports Professor: Evaluating 25 Years of Class Conclusion: When the Scoreboard Went Dark in 2020 Critical Thinking Resources Notes Bibliography Index
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Title IX; athletics; feminism; NCAA; sexism; discrimination; Olympics; college athletes; classroom; higer education; racism; sportswomen; gender; equal pay; training; education; memoir