We Are the Land

We Are the Land

A History of Native California


University of California Press






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List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction: Openings 1. A People of the Land, a Land for the People Native Spaces: Yuma 2. Beach Encounters: Indigenous People and the Age of Exploration, 1540-1769 Native Spaces: San Diego 3. "Our Country before the Fernandino Arrived Was a Forest": Native Towns and Spanish Missions in Colonial California, 1769-1810 Native Spaces: Rome 4. Working the Land: Entrepreneurial Indians and the Markets of Power, 1811-1849 Native Spaces: Sacramento 5. "The White Man Would Spoil Everything": Indigenous People and the California Gold Rush, 1846-1873 Native Spaces: Ukiah 6. Working for Land: Rancherias, Reservations, and Labor, 1870-1904 Native Spaces: Ishi Wilderness 7. Friends and Enemies: Reframing Progress, and Fighting for Sovereignty, 1905-1928 Native Spaces: Riverside 8. Becoming the Indians of California: Reorganization and Justice, 1928-1954 Native Spaces: Los Angeles 9. Reoccupying California: Resistance and Reclaiming the Land, 1953-1985 Native Spaces: Berkeley and the East Bay 10. Returning to the Land: Sovereignty, Self-Determination, and Revitalization since 1985 Conclusion: Returns Index
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