Water Pollution XV

Water Pollution XV

Jimenez, J. S. P.; Mambretti, S.

WIT Press






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Section 1: Water contamination Hydrochemical parameters in a portion of the Paraiba do Sul river hydrographic basin, Sao Jose dos Campos city, Sao Paulo State, Brazil; Abatement of microplastics from municipal effluents by two different wastewater treatment technologies; Microbiome analysis of the bacterial population in a bench-scale-activated sludge reactor exposed to an artificial insecticide spill; Effect of landscape metrics on water quality over three decades: A case study of the Ave River Basin, Portugal; Status of discharged abattoir effluent and its effects on the physico-chemical characteristics of Orogodo River, Delta State, Nigeria Section 2: Assessing, monitoring, modelling and forecasting Sentinel-2 analysis of flooded areas: Applied case study - La Safor wetland, Spain; Balancing innovation and vulnerability: Water security in an age of cyber-warfare Section 3: Coastal and offshore pollution Ecological and molecular approach to the assessment of oil pollution: A comparative study between two coastal marine (Mediterranean and Patagonian) ecoregions; Methodological approach for the delimitation of "no bathing areas" in marine coastal zones close to the outlets of natural and artificial water courses in Basilicata region, Italy Section 4: Wastewater and water reuse Using dewatered sludge from a drinking water treatment plant for phosphorus removal in constructed wetlands; Nature-based water treatment solutions and their successful implementation in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal; Membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment strategies for sensitive coastal environments Section 5: Sustainable urban drainage systems Nine strategies to protect and enhance waterways; Influence of pollution build-up and pavement cross-section on permeable pavements under extreme rainfall events
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