War and Citizenship

War and Citizenship

Enemy Aliens and National Belonging from the French Revolution to the First World War

Caglioti, Daniela L.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Part I. Background: 1. The emergence of the enemy alien; 2. Enemy aliens and 'civilization' in warfare; 3. Citizens and aliens in peacetime; Part II. The First World War: 4. War, state of emergency and early measures (1914); 5. Targeting internal enemies and enemy aliens (1914); 6. Consolidating the policies (1915-1916); 7. Repression and the economic war (1915-1917); 8. Globalizing and radicalizing the policies on enemy aliens (1917-1918); 9. From citizens to enemy aliens (1914-1923); Part III. Aftermath: 10. The end of the war: enemy aliens and the war's legacies (1919-1927); 11. Conclusion: A prolonged state of emergency?; Works Cited; Index.
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