Voyages and Travel Accounts in Historiography and Literature

Voyages and Travel Accounts in Historiography and Literature

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CHAPTER 1 Gligor Samardzic, Goran Popovic, The Importance of Ottoman-era Travelogues for the Reconstruction of the Roman Road Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. CHAPTER 2 Nada N. Savkovic, The Spiritual Connections and the Cult of Jerusalem in the Works of Two Monks from the Raca Monastery. CHAPTER 3 Vavrinec Zenuch, Canonical Visitations as Special Travel Sources (Based on the Catholic Visitations of the Uh County in the Eighteenth Century). CHAPTER 4 Persida Lazarevic Di Giacomo, Sauveur Lusignan's Epistolary Accounts of His Travels as a Historical Source on the Balkans at the End of the Eighteenth Century. CHAPTER 5 Radovan Subic, Adventurers, Agents, and Soldiers: British Travel Writers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1844 - 1856). CHAPTER 6 Dusan J. Ljuboja, Travelling through the "Forgotten" Past: The Journeys of Pavle Stamatovic in their Broader Pan-Slavic Context. CHAPTER 7 Miklos Toemoery, Cruising Between the Past and the Future: Danube Travel Writings and the Self-Representation of the Serbian National Movement in the 1860s. CHAPTER 8 Miriam Sette, Poetry as Vision: "Mont Blanc" by Shelley. CHAPTER 9 Svetlana Tomin, Pavle Sofric and His Travelogue In Hilandar. CHAPTER 10 Uros Stankovic, The Judiciary of the Principality of Serbia in Foreign Travel Memoirs (1825-1865). CHAPTER 11 Elvira Diana, Geographical Itineraries and Political-Social Paths in Amin al-Rihani's Journeys. CHAPTER 12 Tomasz Ewertowski, Sights of China: Markers of Otherness in Polish and Serbian Travel Writings (1842-1949). CHAPTER 13 Aleksandra Kolakovic, Serbia Is Not Siberia: The French on Serbia and the Serbs at the Turn of the Nineteenth into the Twentieth Century. CHAPTER 14 Jovana Kasas, The Railway Station of Timisoara in Serbian Sources (1863-1919). CHAPTER 15 Vivien Sandor, The Hungarian Railways in the Humanities.