Voice of the Buddha

Voice of the Buddha

Buddhaghosa on the Immeasurable Words

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Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction Part One: Building Blocks for an Interpretative Program Chapter One: The Buddha's Omniscience and the Immeasurability of Scripture Chapter Two: Scripture, Commentary, and Exegetical Distinctions Part Two: Interpreting the Three Pitakas Chapter Three: Interpreting the Contexts and Conditions of Buddhavacana in the Suttanta Chapter Four: Disentangling the Tangle: Abhidhamma as Phenomenological Analysis Chapter Five: The 'Completely Pleasing' Exegesis on the Vinaya Conclusion Appendix A: The Recollection of the Dhamma Appendix B: Commentary on the Section on Veranja Starting the Vinaya Appendix C: Four Oceans and Three Pitakas Bibliography
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