Urban Soil and Water Degradation

Urban Soil and Water Degradation


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1. Urban sprawl Luca Salvatti 2. Soil degradation Paulo Pereira 3. Hydrological challenges in urban areas Carla Sofia Santos Ferreira 4. Soil and water quality - pollutant sources and pathways Paulo Pereira 5. Ecossystem services in urban areas Zahara Kalahtari 6. Freshwater-related nature-based solutions in cities Vicenc Acuna 7. Property Rights and Climate Change - land use under changing environmental conditions Thomas Hartmann 8. Municipal planning to prevent soil and water degradation: The case of Vilnius Katazyna Miksa 9. In between water and fires: soil degradation in a new Mediterranean peri-urban landscape Luca Salvatti 10. Groundwater in Venetian area Sebastiano Trevisani 11. Soil protection and hydrogeological risk assessment. A strategic planning experience in Franciacorta (Lombardy, IT) Michele Pezzagno 12. Data driven approach for assessing surface runoff in separated sewage systems: Israeli Case Study Mashor Housh 13. Ecological status of urban streams and riparian habitats in the Czech Republic Jiri Jakubinsky 14. Soil and water degradation in urban areas from western Romania Rares Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir 15. Mapping water ecosystem services: supply and demand in Stockholm Zahara Kalahtari 16. Land degradation and water availability in Ethiopia Tammo Steenhuis 17. The study of land use and land cover changes in the Bekescsaba area, Hungary Jakub Trojan
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Urban sprawl; soil degradation; hydrological challenges; urban areas; soil and water quality; pollutant sources; ecosystem services; environmental conditions; water degradation