Urban Refugees

Urban Refugees

Challenges in Protection, Services and Policy


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Introduction: Between a rock and a hard place: Urban refugees in a global context Gerhard Hoffstaedter 1. Demonstrable needs: Protest, politics and refugees in Cairo Nora Danielson 2. Casamance refugees in urban locations of The Gambia Gail Hopkins 3. The politics of mistrust: Congolese refugees and the institutions providing refugee protection in Kampala, Uganda Eveliina Lyytinen 4. Increasing urban refugee protection in Nairobi: Political will or additional resources? Elizabeth Campbell 5. Practices of reception and integration of urban refugees: The case of Ravenna, Italy Barbara Sorgoni 6. Surviving the city: Refugees from Burma in New Delhi Linda Bartolomei 7. Life in limbo: Unregistered urban refugees on the Thai-Burma Border Eileen Pittaway 8. Urban refugees and the UNHCR in Kuala Lumpur: Dependency, assistance and survival Gerhard Hoffstaedter 9. The Japanese pilot resettlement programme: Identifying constraints to domestic integration of refugees from Burma Saburo Takizawa10. Coping as an asylum seeker in Japan: Burmese in Shinjuku, Tokyo Koichi Koizumi 11. Postscript: Gerhard Hoffstaedter
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