Urban Communication Regulation

Urban Communication Regulation

Communication Freedoms and Limits


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List of Figures - Harvey Jassem/Susan J. Drucker: Introduction - Part One: Content and Regulation - Emily Bauman: Didactic to Collaborative: A History of Public Art Policy in New York City - Preface to Chapter 2 - Faith Rose: How Public Architecture Communicates - Gene Burd: The Roles and Regulation of Urban Graffiti as Communication, Art or Criminality - Harvey Jassem: Urban Sign Regulation - Part Two: Place and Regulation - Susan J. Drucker/Gary Gumpert: Public Space and Communication: The Zoning of Public Interaction-Revisited 2016 - David S. Allen: Limiting Participatory Culture: The New Police Power and the Legitimization of Free Speech Zones - Juliet Dee: Street Performers, the First Amendment, and New York City's Activity Zones - Donald Fishman: Privatopias and Freedom of Expression: Speech Problems in Paradise - Kevin M. Carragee: Contested Urban Space: Zoning Regulations as a Political Resource for Community Group - Part Three: Manner and Regulation - Charles M. Davidson/Michael J. Santorelli: The Urban Broadband Revolution: What Cities Can Do To Bolster Connectivity - Emily Long Vito: Broadband Adoption and Access in New York City:A Case Study - Gary Gumpert/Susan J. Drucker: Regulating the Place of Food Trucks - Contributor Bios - Subject Index - Names Index.
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