Universality and Social Policy in Canada

Universality and Social Policy in Canada

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List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Introduction: Understanding Universality DANIEL BELAND, GREGORY P. MARCHILDON, AND MICHAEL J. PRINCE 1 Placing Universality in Canadian Social Policy and Politics MICHAEL J. PRINCE 2 Equalization and the Fiscal Foundation of Universality P.E. BRYDEN 3 The Single-Tier Universality of Canadian Medicare GREGORY P. MARCHILDON 4 Elementary and Secondary Education: The First Universal Social Program in Canada JENNIFER WALLNER AND GREGORY P. MARCHILDON 5 From Family Allowances to the Struggle for Universal Childcare in Canada RIANNE MAHON WITH MICHAEL J. PRINCE 6 Universality and the Erosion of Old Age Security DANIEL BELAND AND PATRIK MARIER 7 Common Differences: The Universalism of Disability and Unevenness of Public Policy MICHAEL J. PRINCE 8 Segmented Citizenship: Indigenous Peoples and the Limits of Universality MARTIN PAPILLON 9 Universality and Immigration: Differential Access to Social Programs and Societal Inclusion TRACY SMITH-CARRIER 10 Universality and Social Policy in the United Kingdom ALEX WADDAN AND DANIEL BELAND 11 Universal Social Policy in Sweden PAULA BLOMQVIST AND DANIEL BELAND Conclusion: Resiliencies, Paradoxes, and Lessons GREGORY P. MARCHILDON, DANIEL BELAND, AND MICHAEL J. PRINCE List of Contributors Index