The Japanese Surrender in World War II

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Introduction: A Great Victory Has Been Won Chapter I: "Our Demand has been and it remains-Unconditional Surrender!" Chapter II: "Popular opinion can offer no useful contribution." Chapter III. "[Admiral Leahy] said that his matter had been considered on a political level and consideration had been given to the removal of the sentence in question." Chapter IV: "I deem this reply a full acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration which specifies the unconditional surrender of Japan." Chapter V: "[T]he surrender today is no negotiated surrender. The Japanese are submitting to superior force now massed here." Chapter VI: "We demanded unconditional surrender, then dropped the bomb and accepted conditional surrender..." Chapter VII: "The curators simply will not let go of the notion that the policy of demanding Japan's unconditional surrender was (a) unreasonable, (b) prolonged the war needlessly, and foiled Japan's earnest desire to make peace." Conclusion: "Much of the success of the occupation derived from the fact that Japan surrendered unconditionally, thereby ceding absolute and nonnegotiable authority to the victors."
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