Unaccompanied Young Migrants

Unaccompanied Young Migrants

Identity, Care and Justice

Robinson, Kim; Drammeh, Louise; Clayton, Sue; Liden, Hilde; Warren, Richard; York, Sheona; Gonzalez-Araiza, Luis Enrique; Williams, Lucy; Gifford, Sandra; Gupta, Anna

Bristol University Press






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Foreword ~ Lord Alf Dubs Introduction ~ Sue Clayton, Anna Gupta and Katie Willis Section 1: Framing the youth migration debate Migration regimes and border controls: the crisis in Europe ~ Katie Willis and Sue Clayton Dilemmas and conflicts in the legal system ~ Sheona York and Richard Warren Caring for and about unaccompanied migrant youth ~ Anna Gupta Section 2: Exploring migrant youth identities Preface: Voices of separated migrant youth ~ Sue Clayton Narrating the young migrant journey: themes of self-representation ~ Sue Clayton From individual vulnerability to collective resistance: responding to the emotional impact of trauma on unaccompanied children seeking asylum ~ Gillian Hughes Spaces of belonging and social care ~ Louise Drammeh 'Durable solutions' when turning 18 ~ Lucy Williams Section 3: International perspectives A relational approach to unaccompanied minor migration, detention, and protection in Mexico and the US ~ Mario Bruzzone and Luis Enrique Gonzalez-Araiza Unaccompanied migrant youth in the Nordic countries ~ Hilde Liden Life (forever) on hold: unaccompanied asylum seeking minors in Australia ~ Kim Robinson and Sandra M. Gifford Conclusion ~ Sue Clayton, Anna Gupta and Katie Willis
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