Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

How to Access 1 Billion Potential Customers in 10 Minutes

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Table of Contents 1. Facebook's Move to Rule the World 2. Should I Pay For Advertising on Facebook? 3. Facebook Advertising Fundamentals 4. How to Setup Your First Campaign 5. How Your Thinking Must Change To Maximize Returns 6. Every Marketer For Generations Has Dreamed Of This 7. Setting Up Campaigns Correctly From The Beginning 8. Batten Down The Hatches 9. Dramatically Improve Your Click Through Rates 10. This Is Insane 11. A Marketing Machine 12. Maximizing Paid Advertising Through Free Services 13. More Tricks For Effective Ads 14. Know More About A Customer Than You Ever Imagined 15. Build A Complete Circle 16. Setting Up A Facebook Page 17. Advertising Your Facebook Page 18. Writing Facebook Status Messages That Engage 19. Drive a Customer To Your Business From The Restaurant Down The Street 20. Facebook Can Drive 10,000 Customers To Your Small Shop 21. Facebook Makes Throwing an Event Fun and Easy 22. How Larger Firms Can Connect To Customers 23. Mind Your Own Business
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