Truth and Wonder

Truth and Wonder

A Literary Introduction to Plato and Aristotle

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Introduction: Plato and Aristotle for and as literature 1. Three words: Polis and Logos Part One: 'We must not begin by telling a story': Plato 2. Plato's literary devices 3. Watching The Republic 4. Responding to The Republic 5. Living and dead words: Phaedrus 6. A hermeneutic dialectic? Ion, Protagoras Part Two: 'The lover of stories is a lover of wisdom': Aristotle 7. Reading Aristotle, from beginnings to ends 8. How to live: happiness, the virtues and literature: Nicomachean Ethics 9. Everyday People: The Rhetoric 10. Patterns of Literature, patterns of life: the Poetics 11. But what, after all, is entertainment? The pleasures of literature: The Poetics Conclusion: Starting
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