Truth, Existence and Explanation

Truth, Existence and Explanation

FilMat 2016 Studies in the Philosophy of Mathematics


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Part I: Truth and expressiveness.- Chapter 1. Some Remarks on True Undecidable Sentences.- Chapter 2. Penrose's New Argument and Paradox.- Chapter 3. On expressive power over arithmetic.- Chapter 4. Intensionality in Mathematics.- Chapter 5. Deflationary truth is a logical notion.- Chapter 6. Making sense of Deflationism from a formal perspective: Conservativity and Relative Interpretability.- Part II: Structures, existence, and explanation.- Chapter 7. Structure and Structures.- Chapter 8. Towards a Better Understanding of Mathematical Understanding.- Chapter 9. The explanatory power of a new proof: Henkin's completeness proof.- Chapter 10. Can proofs by mathematical induction be explanatory?.- Chapter 11. Ontological Commitment and the Import of Mathematics.- Chapter 12. Applicability Problems Generalized.- Chapter 13. Church-Turing Thesis, in Practice.- Chapter 14. Existence vs Conceivability in Aristotle: Are Straight Lines Infinitely Extendible?.
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Ontology and Structures in Mathematical Theories;Explanation in Mathematics;Mathematical Truth;Indispensability Arguments;Arithmetical Systems;Mathematical explanation;classical and non-classical logics;Kreisel's Conception of Informal Rigour;Church-Turing Thesis;deflationary theories of truth