Travelling Towards Home

Travelling Towards Home

Mobilities and Homemaking

Selwyn, Tom; Frost, Nicola

Berghahn Books






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Introduction: Home and Homemaking in a Time of Crisis Tom Selwyn and Nicola Frost Chapter 1. Homing Desires: Queer Young Asian Men in London Chand Basi and Kaveri Qureshi Chapter 2. Homeawayness and Life-Project Building: Home-Making Among Rural-Urban Migrants in China Shuhua Chen Chapter 3. Between a Home and a Homeland: Experiences of Jewish Return Migrants in Ukraine Marina Sapritsky Chapter 4. Who Makes 'Old England' Home? Tourism and Migration in the English Countryside Yuko Shioji Chapter 5. Modalities of Space, Time, and Voice in Palestinian Hip-Hop Narratives Ilana Webster-Kogan Chapter 6. My Maluku Manise: Managing Desire and Despair in the Diaspora Nicola Frost Chapter 7. Anecdotes of Movement and Belonging: Intertwining Strands of the Professional and the Personal Colin Murray Postlude Tom Selwyn
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