Trauma-Informed Schools

Trauma-Informed Schools

Integrating Child Maltreatment Prevention, Detection, and Intervention

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Safe Touches: Creating a School Community to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.- The Fourth R: Teaching Healthy Relationship Skills to Reduce Youth Risk Behaviors.- The Influence of Trauma Exposure on Children's Outcomes.- Trauma, Self-Regulation, and Learning.- Maltreatment as a Wicked Problem: Implications for Educational Settings.- Responding to Childhood Trauma at the Macro and Microsystem Levels: The Necessity for Trauma Sensitive Pedagogy.- Conclusions and Discussion.
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trauma-informed schools;trauma and learning;trauma and schools;school-based trauma interventions;school-based trauma prevention;child maltreatment and schools;developmental impact of trauma;education policy to support trauma-affected students;prevention programming for adolescents;child sexual abuse