Transforming Society

Transforming Society

Strategies for Social Development from Singapore, Asia and Around the World

Tan, Ngoh Tiong

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS FOREWORD by Hee Kiat Cheong FOREWORD by Barbara W. Shank PREFACE by Ngoh Tiong Tan with Steve Kwok-Leung Chan, Kalyani Mehta and David K. Androff PRELUDE: Social Policy: Some Issues that Merit Greater Attention by Tharman Shanmugaratnam INTRODUCTION 1. Transforming Society: Social Leadership, Social Development and Social Change (Ngoh Tiong Tan) PART I. CHALLENGES OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 2. Sustaining Social Development in the Twenty-First Century (Noeleen Heyzer) 3. Fifty Years of Social Innovation: Reflections on Social Policy in Singapore (Michael Sherraden) 4. Government's Approach towards Social Policies in a Digital Age (Lawrence Wong) 5. Social Development in Asia and the Pacific: Manjor Trends and Issues (Manohar Pawar) 6. Social Development and Social Research in Africa (Leila Patel) PART II. WORKFORCE AND MIGRATION 7. Measuring Transformative Workforce Activation Using the Comprehensive Employment Hope Scale (Philip Young P. Hong and Sangmi Choi) 8. Transforming Thai-Myanmar Borderland: de facto Statelessness, Indigenous Minorities and Internally Displaced Persons (Steve Kwok-Leung Chan) 9. Social Work and Social Welfare Preparations for ASEAN Economic Community Integration (Puchong Senanuch) PART III. WELFARE, WOMEN AND SOCIAL CARE 10. Toward a Synergy of Tripartite Empowerment for Older Persons (Alvin Mak and Jianbin Xu) 11. Transforming Long-Term Care in Three Chinese Societies (Shiyu Lu and Mattias G. Ottervik) 12. Flood Disasters in Malaysia: Psychosocial Care and Social Work Intervention (Noremy Akhir, Azlinda Azman and Taufik Mohammad) 13. Women in Household Decision-Making and their Contribution to Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria (Hussayn Idris, Imaji O.Z. Sule, Ismail Baba and Rajwani M.D. Zain) PART IV. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND CAPACITY BUILDING 14. Social Development in Agrarian and Non-Agrarian Communities in the Philippines (Violeta R. Hunt-Engracia) 15. Host Organization Perspectives of Volunteer Traits: Implications for Selection and Training (Sarita Barton, Bradley Tucker, Benjamin Lough) 16. Asset Based Community Development (ABCD): An Alternative Path for Community Development (Aissetu Barry Ibrahima) 17. Social Work Education for Social Transformation (Vimla V. Nadkarni)
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