Transforming Health Sciences Library Spaces

Transforming Health Sciences Library Spaces

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Part I: Library Spaces That Work for Users Chapter 1 Consumer Health Library Spaces: 'If you build it, will they come?' Stevo Rocksandic and Allison Erlinger Chapter 2 Space Utilization Study by Ithika S+R Mellanye Lackey, Jean P. Shipman, Camille Salmond, and Darell Schmick Chapter 3 Services and Space in Support of Innovation Valrie Minson, Christine Driver Yip, Sara Russell Gonzalez, Neelam Bharti and Adam Brown Chapter 4 Rethink, Redo, Repurpose: Transforming the Library Space to Meet Clients' Needs Stevo Roksandic and Allison Erlinger Part II: Working in Unique Spaces Chapter 5 From There to Here to Virtual: Transformative Change at Chamberlain University Lisa Blackwell Chapter 6 Showing Leadership in Virtual Library Spaces Helen-Ann Brown Epstein Chapter 7 Reimagining Special Collections Spaces Esther Carrigan and Nancy Burford Part III: Library Spaces Working with What They've Got Chapter 8 How One Library Streamlined, Slimmed Down and Became More Efficient After Losing 50% of Their Space Jessica Decaro and Shannon Butcheck Chapter 9 Surviving Tight Budgets and Proving Value-Added in Library Spaces Margaret Hoogland Chapter 10 Nickel and Diming Library Space Improvements with the Annual Library Budget Alanna Campbell and Patty Fink Epilogue: To Be a Building or Not to Be Looking Toward the Future Jean Shipman and Alanna Campbell
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