Transformational Embodiment in Asian Religions

Transformational Embodiment in Asian Religions

Subtle Bodies, Spatial Bodies

Zubko, Katherine C.; Pati, George

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List of Figures Notes on Transliteration Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements Introduction Katherine C. Zubko and George Pati Chapter 1: The Subtle Body of Vital Presence in Contemplative Practices of Abhinavagupta's Trika Saivism and Longchenpa's Great Perfection Kerry Martin Skora Chapter 2: Daoist Body-Maps and Meditative Praxis Louis Komjathy Chapter 3: Yuasa Yasuo's Contextualization of the Subtle Body: Phenomenology and Practice Edward J. Godfrey Chapter 4: Dismembering Demons: Spatial and Bodily Representations in the Fifteenth-Century Ekali?gamahatmya Adam Newman Chapter 5: Subtle Body: Rethinking the Body's Subjectivity through Abhinavagupta Body Loriliai Biernacki Chapter 6: Embodied Experience in the Maharthamanjari of Mahesvarananda Sthaneshwar Timalsina Chapter 7: Sensing the Ascent: Embodied Elements of Muhammad's Heavenly Journey in Nizami Ganjavi's Treasury of Mysteries Matthew R. Hotham Chapter 8: Bodies in Translation: Esoteric Conceptions of the Muslim Body in Early-modern South Asia Patrick J. D'Silva Chapter 9: The Prostituted Body of War: U.S. Military Prostitution in South Korea as a Site of Spiritual Activism Keun-Joo Christine Pae Chapter 10: Frisky Methods: Subtle Bodies, Epistemological Pluralism and Creative Scholarship Jay Johnston Chapter 11: Bliss and Bodily Disorientation: The autophagous mysticism of Georges Bataille and the Taittiriya Upani?ad Matthew J. Robertson
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