Tragedies and Christian Congregations

Tragedies and Christian Congregations

The Practical Theology of Trauma

Southgate, Christopher; Grosch-Miller, Carla; Ison, Hilary; Warner, Megan

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FOREWORD James Jones LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS INTRODUCTION Megan Warner, Christopher Southgate, Carla A. Grosch-Miller and Hilary Ison PART I TRAUMA - THE PRESENTING ISSUE Introduction to Part I 1 After the Fire, the Voice of God: Speaking of God after Tragedy and Trauma Elaine Graham 2 Practical Theology and Trauma: The Urgency of Experience, The Power of Story Carla A. Grosch-Miller PART II TRAUMA IS IN THE BODY Introduction to Part II 3 Working with an Embodied and Systemic Approach to Trauma and Tragedy Hilary Ison 4 Toward a Faith-based Approach to Healing after Collective Trauma Kate Wiebe PART III THEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS Introduction to Part III 5 Trauma Through the Lens of Bible Megan Warner 6 An Evangelical Practical Theology of Providence in the Light of Traumatic Incidents Roger P. Abbott 7 'In spite of all this, we will yearn for You': Reflections on God's Involvement in Events Causing Great Suffering Christopher Southgate 8 Trauma and the Narrative Life of Congregations Christopher Southgate 9 Responding to Disaster in an Afro-Caribbean Congregation Deanne Gardner PART IV LITURGICAL RESPONSES Introduction to Part IV 10 Enabling the Work of the People: Liturgy in the Aftermath of Trauma Carla A. Grosch-Miller with Megan Warner and Hilary Ison 11 'Teach to your Daughters a Dirge': Revisiting the Practice of Lament in the Light of Trauma Theory Megan Warner 12 Eucharist and Trauma: Healing in the b/Body Karen O'Donnell PART V PASTORAL RESOURCES Introduction to Part V 13 Pastoral Response to Congregational Tragedy Ruth Layzell 14 The Ethics of Disaster Response Mia Kyte Hilborn 15 Chaplaincy and Responses to Tragedy Mia Kyte Hilborn 16 Sexual Scandals in Religious Settings Carla A. Grosch-Miller PART VI IMPLICATIONS FOR CARE AND SELF-CARE OF MINISTERS Introduction to Part VI 17 Annotated Interview with Sarah Horsman Christopher Southgate CONCLUSION Megan Warner APPENDICES Liturgical Resources SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY LIST OF FIGURES Figure 2.1 Theological reflection after trauma Figure 2.2 How theological reflection may remake tradition
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