Total Football - A graphic history of the world's most iconic soccer tactics

Total Football - A graphic history of the world's most iconic soccer tactics

The evolution of football formations and plays

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1. In the beginning: all-out attack England 3-6 Hungary (Association football friendly, 25th November 1953) Manager: Gusztav Sebes Real Madrid 7-3 Eintracht Frankfurt (European Cup final, 18th May 1960) Manager: Miguel Munoz 2. How we stopped it: Catenaccio Inter Milan 3-1 Real Madrid (European Cup Final, 27th May 1964) Manager: Helenio Herrera 3. Bringing the light back: the use of the number 10 Brazil 4-1 Italy (World Cup Final, 21st June 1970) Manager: Mario Zagallo 4. Total Football Ajax 2-0 Inter Milan (European Cup Final, 31st May 1972) Manager: Stefan Kovacs Netherlands 2-0 Brazil (World Cup, 8th July 1974) Manager: Rinus Michels 5. Made in England, with a little help from the Scots Liverpool 3-1 Borussia Munchen Gladbach (European Cup Final, 25th May 1977) Manager: Bob Paisley 6. The Italian Job AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona (European Cup Final, 18th May 1994) Manager: Fabio Capello 7. French Rule France 3-0 Brazil (World Cup final 1998) Manager: Aime Jacquet 8. There was a man from the Govan: Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United 1-1 Chelsea (European Cup Final, 21st May 2008) Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson 9. Death by football: Tiki taka Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid (Primera Liga, 29th November 2010) Manager: Pep Guardiola 10. Power and pressing: how Germany reclaimed the throne Barcelona 0-3 Bayern Munich (Champions League semi-final, 1st May 2013) Manager: Jupp Heynckes
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