Top Secret Canada

Top Secret Canada

Understanding the Canadian Intelligence and National Security Community

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Introduction: Stephanie Carvin, Thomas Juneau and Craig Forcese Part One: Central Agencies and Advice to Policy Makers 1. Privy Council Office (PCO): Greg Fyffe 2. Prime Minister's Office (PMO): Meredith Lilly Part Two: Core Collection and Advisory Agencies 3. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS): Jeremy Littlewood 4. Communications Security Establishment (CSE): Bill Robinson 5. Integrated Terrorism Analysis Centre (ITAC): Stephanie Carvin 6. Financial (FINTRAC) John Pyrik Part Three: Operations and Enforcement and Community Engagement 7. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP): Kent Roach 8. Canada Border Security Agency (CBSA): Christian Leuprecht, Kelly Sundberg, Todd Hataley and Alexandra Green 9. Public Safety Canada (PSC): Alex Wilner 10. Canada Centre for Community Engagement and the Prevention of Violence (CCCEPV): Michael King and Brett Kubicek Part Four: Government Departments with National Security Functions 11. Department of National Defence (DND): Thomas Juneau 12. Global Affairs Canada (GAC): Michael Nesbitt 13. Department of Justice (DOJ): Craig Forcese and Jennifer Poirier Part Five: The Evolving National Security Review Landscape 14. National Security Review and Oversight: Leah West 15. National Security and the Media: Alex Boutilier