Tokyo Boogie-woogie and D.T. Suzuki Volume 95

Tokyo Boogie-woogie and D.T. Suzuki Volume 95

The University of Michigan Press






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Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction Hidden Origins The Adopted Child Daisetz's Parents Zen Training Bottom of the Heap Daisetz's Image of Women Daisetz's Marriage Beatrice and Okono Alan in the "Daisetz Dairies" Daisetz's Dependant Family The Juvenile Delinquent A Prison Without Bars Daisetz's Fears Daisetz's Philosophy of Education A Parent's Hope Alan Goes Wild Womanizing Rears Its Head Daisetz's Views on Sexual Desire "Confinement" on Mt. Koya Repeated Offenses Glimpses of Brilliance Japan-America Students Conference Alan Discusses Zen A Novelist's Misunderstanding Alan's Second Japan-America Students Conference Alan Discusses Japaneseness Daisetz's Indifference Two Red Threads of Fate Beatrice's Health Takes a Turn for the Worse A Man with Many Loves Hidden Facts A Mother's Death Daisetz's Mourning First Marriage To Shanghai Tokyo Boogie-woogie Shanghai Reunion with Ike Mariko "Tokyo Boogie-woogie" Is Born Second Marriage Alan's Drinking The Meeting with a Psychiatrist A Sudden Parting Daisetz's Anxiety Daisetz and the Beat Generation American "Comrades" The Basis of Transcendentalism Early Preaching Zen in English Art Encounters Zen The Birth of the Beat Generation Recognition of Daisetzu Increases A Change in the Life of the Great Scholar San Francisco Renaissance Daisetz's Big Break On the Road America's Dharma Year The Context of the Chicago Review Zen Special Issue The Dharma Bums A Once-in-a-lifetime Conversation The Beats and Zen: Parting of the Ways The Undutiful Son Alan During the 1950s Daisetz Returns Home The Incident Alan's Loneliness Branded as an "Undutiful Son" The Death of Daisetz Reconsidering the Parent-Child Relationship Great Wisdom and Great Compassion Father and Son Bibliography Appendix 1: Family Tree Appendix 2: Map of Kyoto Appendix 3: Chronology Index
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Zen Buddhism; Shin Buddhism; Mahayana Buddhism; Zen and Japanese Culture; D.T. Suzuk; Alan Masaru Suzuki; Beatrice Lane Suzuki; Tokyo Boogie-woogie; Father-son relationship; Japan-America Students Conference; Occupied Japan; Columbia Record; Shizuko Kasagi, Mariko Ike; Ryoichi Hattori; Ryuzaburo Shikiba; Japanese Popular Music; Beat Generation; Beat Zen; Zen in America; Jack Kerouac; Allen Ginsberg; San Francisco Renaissance; On the Road; Great Wisdom; Great Compassion