To Embody the Marvellous

To Embody the Marvellous

The Making of Illusions in Early Modern Spain

Fernandez, Esther

Vanderbilt University Press






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List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction Stages of Animation Chapter 1 Mechanics of Reductionism Socio-political Ticking Pious Technologies The Lives of Shadows Chapter 2 Matters of God Beyond the Altar Towards the Holy Puppet Handling the Descent The Jointed Christ Figure Reimagined Chapter 3 Articulating Saintliness Wooden Saints The Archeology of the MAquina Real Modern Object-Centric Sainthood Chapter 4 Unruly Puppets The Estrangement of Illusions Operatizing the Puppet Disarticulated Remediations Chapter 5 Technologies of Wonder Making Wonderlands Enchantment Interrupted Modern Re-enchantments Chapter 6 Trapdoors to DesengaNo Barely Humans Animated Thresholds Spatial Prosthetics Secret Passageways Refurbished Conclusion When Statues Move Work cited Index
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