Title IV-E Child Welfare Education

Title IV-E Child Welfare Education

Impact on Workers, Case Outcomes and Social Work Curriculum Development


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Introduction: Title IV-E education: past, present and future of public child welfare 1.What's in an MSW? Graduate education for public child welfare workers, intention, engagement, and work environment 2. "I was prepared for the worst I guess": stayers' and leavers' perceptions of their Title IV-E education 3. Preparing Child Welfare Practitioners: Implications for Title IV-E Education and Training Partnerships 4.The role of Title IV-E education and training in child protection workforce diversification 5.IV-E or not IV-E, that is the question: comparisons of BSW Child Welfare Scholars and matched trainee confidence and retention 6. Factors affecting turnover rates of public child welfare front line workers: comparing cohorts of title IV-E program graduates with regularly hired and trained staff, 7. Views on workplace culture and climate: through the lens of retention and Title IV-E participation 8. An effective pedagogy for child welfare education 9.The future of online social work education and Title IV-E child welfare stipends
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