Time in Fashion

Time in Fashion

Industrial, Antilinear and Uchronic Temporalities


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List of Figures Acknowledgements Time in Fashion: An Introductory Essay - Caroline Evans and Alessandra Vaccari Section I: Industrial Time 1. The Murderous, Meaningless Caprices of Fashion - Karl Marx 2. The Acceleration of Fashion Change in the 18th Century - Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell 3. The Temporal Architecture of Fashion: Its Seasons and Weeks - Aurelie van de Peer 4. Threadbare Dandy Fashion - Jules Barbey-d'Aurevilly 5. The Pace of Fashion - Georg Simmel 6. My Best Work is Done Only When I am Under Pressure - Mary Quant 7. We're Stuck Between the Old and the New Rhythm - Christophe Lemaire 8. New Fashion Media and the Acceleration of Fashion Time - Agnes Rocamora 9. Standard Minute Value (SMV) for a T-Shirt - Ramij Howlader, Monirul Islam (Rajib), Tanjibul Hasan Sajib, Ripon Kumar Prasad 10. Fashion, Fast and Slow - Kate Fletcher 11. Subverting the Seasonal Construct - Samuel Patrick Thomas Section II: Antilinear Time 12. Jetztzeit and the Tiger's Leap - Walter Benjamin 13. Illusion Tulle and La Derniere Mode - Stephane Mallarme 14. The Evaporation of Temporality - Ulrich Lehmann 15. Fashion, Femininity and Modernity - Ilya Parkins 16. The Residue that History has Discharged - Siegfried Kracauer 17. Colonial Time - Victoria L. Rovine 18. The Historical Mode - Richard Martin and Harold Koda 19. Cuttings and Pastings in the Archive - Alistair O'Neill 20. Martin Magiela's Carnivalized Time - Francesca Granata 21. Quotations: The Past and Future of Fashion - Angelo Flaccavento 22. Vintage Fashion and Memory - Heike Jenss Section III: Uchronic Time 23. Fashion, A Time Which Does Not Exist - Roland Barthes 24. Sovereign Time - Patrizia Calefato 25. The Art of the Perfect Moment - Barbara Vinken 26. Fashion is Now and Tomorrow - Karl Lagerfeld 27. Made in Italy and Double Vintage - Simona Segre Reinach 28. Final Adjudication on Two National Press Advertisements for Louis Vuitton - Advertising Standards Authority 29. I Have Seen Her in the Mirror - Elsa Schiaparelli 30. Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada: Impossible Conversations - Miuccia Prada 31. Doppie Pagine - Anna Piaggi 32. The Otherworldly - Greg French 33. Fashion Fabulation: Serpica Naro at Milan Fashion Week 2005 - Ilaria Vanni 34. Queer Time - Emma Katherine Atwood 35. Miss Haversham - Charles Dickens 36. The Simultaneous Dress - Paola Colaiacomo Bibliography Index
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