Tibetan Subjectivities on the Global Stage

Tibetan Subjectivities on the Global Stage

Negotiating Dispossession

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Introduction Thierry Dodin Part I: Strategies of Identity in Motion 1. Zhangzhung, Boen, and China: The Construction of an Alternative Tibetan Historical Narrative Per Kvaerne 2. Narratives of Becoming: Tibet-born Tibetans in Diaspora Julia Meredith Hess 3. Click Here for Enlightenment: On Tibet, Hollywood, Virtual Communities, Cyberspace Discourse, and Other Matters of Representational Practice Frank J. Korom 4. The Words of the Developees: Study of the Discourse of the Tibetan Refugees Thomas Kauffmann Part II: Reclaiming Dispossession through Writing 5. Acting and Speaking through Modern Tibetan Poetry Lama Jabb 6. A Tibetan Heart in a Chinese Mouth: Tsering Woeser's Notes on Tibet Kamila Hladikova 7. Inner Emigration and Concealed Writing: Folk Literary Elements in Contemporary Fiction from Tibet Franz Xaver Erhard Part III: The Political Cultures of Exile 8. The Last Gift of the God-King: Narrating the Dalai Lama's Resignation Martin A. Mills 9. Exile Tibetans and the Dance of Democracy Jigme Yeshe Lama 10. Who is a Pure Tibetan?: Identity, Intergenerational History, and Trauma in Exile Dawa T. Lokyitsang 11. Annual Commemorations and Celebrations: Negotiations of Identities in the Bonpo Settlement in Dolanji Yu-Shan Liu
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