Theoretical Sociology

Theoretical Sociology

The Future of a Disciplinary Foundation


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Preface - Jon Turner Introduction - Seth Abrutyn and Kevin McCaffree Part 1: Theoretical Sociology 1. Sociology Must Continue to Become More Interdisciplinary Kevin McCaffree 2. Kevin McCaffree on Interdisciplinary Theorizing Jonathan Turner 3. Evolution as the Key to Process Sociology: Relational Sociology According to History Erika Summers-Effler 4. Erika Summers-Effler's Comments on Evolutionary Analysis Jonathan Turner 5. The Evolutionary Sociology of Macrodynamics Seth Abrutyn 6. Seth Abrutyn on Macro Theorizing Jonathan Turner 7. Jonathan Turner's Macro-Micro-Meso Theory Randall Collins 8. Randall Collins on Micro-Meso-Macro Theorizing Jonathan Turner Part 2: Foundational Areas of Inquiry 9. Theorizing Nested Group Ties Edward Lawler, Shane R. Thye and Jeongkoo Yoon 10. Lawler, Thye and Yoon on Theorizing Nested Group Ties Jonathan Turner 11. Social Exchange Theory: Current Status and Future Directions Karen Cook and Michael Hahn: Social Exchange Theory 12. Karen S. Cook and Michael Hahn on of Exchange Theory Jonathan Turner 13. Inequality and Justice Guillermina Jasso 14. Guillermina Jasso on Inequality and Justice Jonathan Turner 15. The Micro-Sociology of Self and Identity Jan Stets and Peter Burke 16. Peter J. Burke and Jan E. Stets on Self and Identity Jonathan Turner 17. Humanizing Sociological Theory: A 21st Century Solution to a 20th Century Problem Yet to Be Solved Richard Machalek 18. Richard Machalek on Bringing Biology Back into Sociology Jonathan Turner Part 3: The Social Processes of Knowledge Production 19. Reflections on Turner and Theory Development Michael Carter 20. Theoretical Sociology Rebecca Li 21. General Impressions about Turner's Teaching, Research and Influence Michael L. Walker Section 4: Reflections 22. On Jonathan Turner: A Brief Personal Biography Alexandra Maryanski 23. On Becoming and Being a General Theorist in Sociology: A Most Improbable Journey Jonathan Turner
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