World's Urban Forests

World's Urban Forests

History, Composition, Design, Function and Management

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Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Methods Chapter 3: Biomes, Human Settlement, and the Selection of Cities Biomes Human Settlement in the World's Biomes Chapter 4: History Introduction EarlyHumanSettlements Urban Trees in Ancient Egypt The Middle Ages in Europe The Renaissance The Enlightenment The Nineteenth Century The Twentieth Century Chapter 5: Composition Introduction Overall Composition of the Urban Forest Street and Boulevard Trees Traffic Barriers Parks Greenbelts Waste Areas Water's Edge Cemeteries Freeways Rooftop Gardens Chapter 6: Design Introduction Trees Along Streets and Boulevards New Delhi Murmansk Seattle and Other Cities Tehran Traffic Barriers Small Parks Large Parks Housing Areas Urban Greenbelts Water's Edge Cemeteries Freeways Rooftop Gardens Chapter 7: Function Introduction Use of trees for air pollution reduction: Beijing and New York Landslide Stabilization: Quito Urban Orchards: Moscow and Tehran Community Gardens: Moscow, New York, Seattle, Stockholm, and Tokyo Storm Water Retention: Seattle, Phoenix, Jacksonville Brownfield Reclamation: London Forest Products: Seattle, Tehran, and Moscow Chapter 8: Management Introduction Administrative Approaches Urban Forest Management Problems Special Management Activities Alternative Approaches to Urban Forest Management Chapter 9: Urban Forests, Biomes, and History Introduction Species Composition Design Function Management Conclusions Chapter 10: The Future of the Urban Forest Literature Cited
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