World's Christians

World's Christians

Who They Are, Where They Are, and How They Got There

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Introduction Part I: Who They Are - Four Christian Mega-Traditions Introduction 1 The Orthodox Tradition 2 The Catholic Tradition 3 The Protestant Tradition 4 The Pentecostal Tradition Part II: How They Got There - A Global History of Christianity Introduction 5 The Ancient Tradition: Beginnings to 500 6 The Great Division and the Age of the East: 500 to 1000 7 The Rise of the West and Decline of the East: 1000 to 1500 8 Christianity in a Global Era: 1500 to the Present Part III: Where They Are - Christianity in Nine World Regions Introduction 9 The Middle East and North Africa: Barely Surviving 10 Eastern Europe: Nationalism and New Mission 11 Central and South Asia: Confidence and Complexity 12 Western Europe: Thin, but Alive 13 Sub-Saharan Africa: Hope and Despair 14 East Asia: Piety and Politics 15 Latin America: After Monopoly 16 North America: Power, Freedom, Race, and Nation 17 Oceania: Experiments in Identity Appendix: Counting Christians
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