Willing World

Willing World

Shaping and Sharing a Sustainable Global Prosperity

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; Introduction; Part I. On What We Hope to Do: 1. On the elusive definition of sustainable development; 2. On defining sustainable development by doing it; 3. On the indivisibility of our economic and environmental future; 4. On the necessity of the international rule of law for effective global economic and environmental governance; Part II. On What We Have Done So Far: 5. On the nature of competitiveness and the need for world trade rules; 6. On our international economic efforts on trade and investment; 7. On our climate and other international environmental efforts; 8. On our global goals for sustainable development; 9. On the unfolding of international economic and environmental law in our unwilling world; Part III. On What We Must Do Now: 10. On the need for new approaches to global economic and environmental goals and governance; 11. On re-imagining the relationship between economy and environment in international economic law to support sustainable development; 12. On a new approach for sustainable energy in international trade law; 13. On how international investment law can be re-imagined for sustainable development; 14. On policy space and post-Paris climate action; 15. On food, forests, ocean, and fisheries; 16. On water, biodiversity, and rules to protect natural resources; 17. On making and re-making enabling frameworks for sustainable development; 18. On resolving disputes and linking enabling frameworks through the international rule of law; Conclusion.