Warsaw Pact, 1985-1991- Disintegration and Dissolution

Warsaw Pact, 1985-1991- Disintegration and Dissolution

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0.Introduction: The Warsaw Treaty Organization from 1955 until 1985. Part I: Changes of the Warsaw Pact in the Gorbachev Era. 1.New Vision for the Warsaw Pact and Changes in Its Mechanisms. 2.The Romanian Issue After 1985. 3.Military Framework of the Warsaw Pact Between 1985 and 1989. 4.Attempts at an Institutional Reform. Part II: The Warsaw Pact in International Relations. 5.Discussion on Economic Cooperation Under the Aegis of the Alliance. 6.Role of the Warsaw Pact on International Scene. 7.Reconsidering of Armament Policy. 8.Changes of Military Doctrine in the Second Half of the 1980s. 9.The Warsaw Pact and Disarmament Talks. Part III: Disintegration of the Alliance. 10.Gorbachev's Reforms and Disruption of Cohesion. 11.Discussion on the Human Rights. 12.The End of the Warsaw Pact. 13.Conclusion
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