Walls between Conflict and Peace

Walls between Conflict and Peace







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List of Figures, Tables and Graphs Foreword List of Contributors Introduction. Walls: ways of being, ways of functioning, ways of being transformed Alberto Gasparini PART 1: WALLS DIVIDING, WALLS UNITING 1. Walls dividing, walls uniting: Peace in fusion, peace in separation Alberto Gasparini PART 2: MACRO WALLS AND MACRO NETWORKS 2. Why empires build walls: The new Iron Curtain between Africa and Europe Max Haller 3. The Enlargement process and the "Dividing lines of Europe" Melania-Gabriela Ciot 4. Are walls a National Security issue? A view from the United States-Mexican border Dennis Soden and Alejandro Palma PART 3: STATE, SECURITY AND ETHNIC-POLITICAL WALLS 5. The Berlin wall Anneli Ute Gabany 6. Vatican City-Italy wall: Consolidating social and political peace Domenico Mogavero 7. The "crossing" along the divide: The Cypriot experience Maria Hadjipavlou 8. Israel-Palestine: Concrete fences and fluid borders Eliezer Ben-Rafael and Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti 9. Ordinary everyday walls: Normalising exception in segregated Belfast Hastings Donnan and Neil Jarman PART 4: WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE WALL? 10. European twin cities: Models, examples and problems of formal and informal co-operation Thomas Lunden 11. Scenario for the new town Gorizia/Gorica Alberto Gasparini Bibliography Index