Ultimate Route to Market

Ultimate Route to Market

How Technology Professionals Can Work Successfully with Global Systems Integrators, Outsourcers and Consulting Firms

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About the author; Acknowledgements; Preface; Introduction ; CHAPTER 1 - Why Do Companies Invest So Much In Hiring Consultancies, Systems Integrators & Outsourcers; CHAPTER 2 - Defining The Players; CHAPTER 3 - Why partnering is win-win; CHAPTER 4 - Understanding The Business Model; CHAPTER 5 - Alliance Best Practice; CHAPTER 6 - Innovating With Global Systems Integrators, Outsourcers & Consulting Firms; CHAPTER 7 - Partnering In The New Economy; CHAPTER 8 - The Ten Steps To Success; CHAPTER 9 - How To Put What You Have Learned Into Action; Glossary & Definitions; Additional Reading ; Index
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