Transatlantic Circulation of Novels Between Europe and Brazil, 1789-1914

Transatlantic Circulation of Novels Between Europe and Brazil, 1789-1914

Abreu, Marcia

Springer International Publishing AG






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Introduction.- Fiction as an Element of Cultural Connection; Marcia Abreu.- PART I: READING NOVELS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ATLANTIC.- Chapter 1: A Transnational Literate Community: Reactions to Novels in Europe and Brazil; Marcia Abreu.- Chapter 2: The Literary Taste for Novels in the Portugese Subscription Library in Rio de Janeiro; Alexandro Henrique Paixao.- Chapter 3: The Roman Judiciaire and Brazilian Literature: Reception, Meanings and Appropriations; Ana Gomes Porto.- Chapter 4: The Bachelor's Library: Pornographic Books on the Brazil - Europe Circuit in the Late Nineteenth Century; Leonardo Mendes.- Chapter 5: Evaluation of Literature at the End of the Nineteenth Century: Change and Permanence in Critical Discourse; Leandro Thomaz Almeida.- PART II: TRANSLATIONS.- Chapter 6: Circuits and Crossings: The Case of A Familia Elliot; Sandra Guardini Teixeira Vasconcelos.- Chapter 7: The Brazilian Novels O Guarany and Innocencia translated into German: National Production and the Bestseller in the Long Nineteenth-Century; Wiebke Roeben de Alencar Xavier.- Chapter 8: French Readings of Brazil: From the Translations of O Guarany and Innocencia to the Exoticism of the Novels by Adrien Delpech; Ilana Heineberg.- PART III: TRACKS BETWEEN EUROPE AND BRAZIL.- Chapter 9: Narratives that Travel: Novels Written in Portugese and Published in Paris; Paulo Motta Oliveira.- Chapter 10: Collections of French Novels on the Atlantic Route; Valeria Augusti.- Chapter 11: British Fiction in the Far South of Brazil: the Nineteenth Century Collection of the Rio-Grandese Library; Maria Eulalia Ramicelli.- Chapter 12: Brazilian Novels in Portugal Through Two French Publishers; Juliana Maia de Queiroz.- Notes on the Contributors.- Index.- <
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