Subaltern Indian Woman

Subaltern Indian Woman

Domination and Social Degradation

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Preface.- Foreword.- Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview: Indian Indentured Women a Human Agency.- Chapter 2: Devoted Wife/Sensuous Bibi: Colonial Constructions of the Indian Woman, 1860-1900.- Chapter 3: Conceiving the Coolie Woman: Indentured Labour, Indian Women and Colonial Discourse.- Chapter 4: Female Indentured Labor in Suriname: For Better or for Worse?.- Chapter 5: The Position of Indian Women in Suriname.- Chapter 6: Kunti's Cry: Indentured Women on Fiji Plantations.- Chapter 7: Kunti, Lakshmibhai and the "Ladies": Women's Labour and the Abolition of Indentured Emigration from India.- Chapter 8: Fallen through the Nationalist and Feminist Grids of Analysis: Political Campaigning of Indian Women against Indentured Labour Emigration.- Chapter 9: Constructing Visibility: Indian Women in the Jamaican Segment of the Indian Diaspora.- Chapter 10: "Time to Show Our True Colors": The Gendered Politics of "Indianness" in Post-Apartheid South Africa.- Chapter 11: Reflexivity and The Diaspora: Indian Women in Post-indenture Caribbean, Fiji, Mauritius and South Africa.- Chapter 12: The Indo-Fijian Woman's Story: Violence Against Women.
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