Special Operations Executive (SOE) in Burma

Special Operations Executive (SOE) in Burma

Jungle Warfare and Intelligence Gathering in WW2

Duckett, Richard

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC






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Note on Translation and Transliteration List of Abbreviations List of Maps, Tables, Pictures and Paintings Introduction and Literature Review Prologue: Burma, its Geography, and its People Chapter One: The Oriental Mission, October 1940 - December 1941 Chapter Two: The Oriental Mission and the First Burma Campaign, December 1941- June 1942 Chapter Three: Reorganisation and Early Operations, August 1942 to August 1943 Chapter Four: Getting Behind the Lines: The India Mission in Burma, September 1943 - December 1944 Chapter Five: Operation Character, November 1944 - September 1945 Chapter Six: The Billet Operations: Nation, Manual and Grain, November 1944 - September 1945 Epilogue: A Legacy? Force 136 and Post-War Burma, 1945 - 1950 Conclusions Sources and Bibliography