Social Life of Standards

Social Life of Standards

Ethnographic Methods for Local Engagement

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Introduction: The Social Life of Standards: Anthropological Ecologies / Janice E. Graham, Christina Holmes, Fiona McDonald, and Regna Darnell Part 1: Making Standards 1 Making Standards in Science: The Imperfect Case of the European Bank for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) / Shawn H.E. Harmon 2 "A Lab of One's Own": Entangled Measures and the Challenges of Redefining Standard-Lab Practice in Academic Context / Udo Krautwurst 3 When Are Standards Necessary in the Lab? Standards as Gateway or Barrier to Innovation in Proteomics / Christina Holmes, Fiona McDonald, and Mavis Jones Part 2: Subverting Standards 4 Doing Science in an Emergency: Challenging Clinical Trial Standards and Producing Care / Frederic Le Marcis, Daouda Sissoko, Xavier Anglaret, and Denis Malvy 5 The Social Life of Emergency Standards: Twenty-One Days of Ebola Biosafety Precautions for Contact Cases in Senegal / Alice Desclaux 6 Check Your Denominator: Geographic Mapping, Activism, and the Standardization of Sexual Risk / Robert Lorway Part 3: Contesting Standards 7 Contesting Seed Standards: The Red De Semillas Libres in Colombia / Elizabeth Fitting, Laura Gutierrez Escobar, and Tamara Wattnem 8 Sick Cows and Politicized Standards: The Construction of Farmer Resistance to Testing for Bovine Tuberculosis / Jane Jenkins Part 4: Reassembling Standards 9 Unsettling Standards: Indigenous Peoples and Child Welfare / L. Jane McMillan 10 When the Bough Breaks: Balancing Heritage, Forestry, and Unsustainable Standards in Algonquin Provincial Park / Ian Puppe 11 Standing Our Ground: Putting Indigenous Standards to Work in Environmental Assessment / Craig Candler 12 Negotiating Good Development: Standards for Consultation / Dean Jacobs, Regna Darnell, and Gerald P. McKinley Conclusion: Articulating Better Standards: A Lifecycle Approach to Progressive Engagement / Janice Graham Index
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