Science of Science

Science of Science


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Introduction; Part I. The Science of Career: 1. Productivity of a scientist; 2. The H Index; 3. The Matthew Effect; 4. Age and Scientific Achievement; 5. Random Impact Rule; 6. The Q Factor; 7. Hot Streaks; Part II. The Science of Collaboration: 8. The increasing dominance of teams in science; 9. The Invisible College; 10. Coauthorship Networks; 11. Team Assembly; 12. Small and large teams; 13. Scientific Credit; 14. Credit Allocation; Part III. The Science of Impact: 15. Big Science; 16. Citation Disparity; 17. High Impact Papers; 18. Scientific Impact; 19. The Time Dimension of Science; 20. Ultimate Impact; Part IV. Outlook: 21. Can Science be Accelerated?; 22. Artificial Intelligence; 23. Bias and Causality in Science; Part V. Last thought; All the Science of Science: Appendix A1 Modeling team assembly; Appendix A2 Modeling Citations; References; Index.
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