Routledge Research Companion to the Works of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Routledge Research Companion to the Works of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Bergmann, Emilie L.; Schlau, Stacey

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Table of Contents Introduction. Emilie L. Bergmann and Stacey Schlau A Note About Conventions I. Contexts 1. "The Empire and Mexico City: Religious, Political, and Social Institutions of a Transatlantic Enterprise." Alejandro Caneque 2. "The Creole Intellectual Project: Creating the Baroque Archive." Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel 3. "The Gendering of Knowledge in New Spain: Enclosure, Women's Education, and Writing." Stephanie Kirk II. Reception History 4. "Seventeenth Century Dialogues: Transatlantic Readings of Sor Juana." Monica Diaz 5. "Seventeenth-, Eighteenth-, and Nineteenth-Century Readings: Hagiography and Nationalism." Martha Lilia Tenorio 6. "Twentieth Century Readings: Schons, Pfandl, and Paz." Marie-Cecile Benassy-Berling 7. "Passionate Advocate: Sor Juana, Feminisms, and Sapphic Loves." Amanda Powell 8. "Translations of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz: Ideology and Interpretation." Isabel Gomez 9. "'My original, a woman': Copies, Origins, and Sor Juana's Iconic Portraits." J. Vanessa Lyon 10. "Contemporary Mexican Sor Juanas: Artistic, Popular, and Scholarly." Emily Hind III. Interpretations of and Debates about the Works A. Prose Works 11. "The Afterlife of a Polemic: Conflicts and Discoveries Regarding Sor Juana's Letters." Marie-Cecile Benassy-Berling 12. "Challenging Theological Authority: The Carta Atenagorica /Crisis de un sermon and the Respuesta a sor Filotea." Grady Wray B. Verse 13. "Sor Juana's Love Poetry: A Woman's Voice in a Man's Genre." Emilie L. Bergmann 14. "Sor Juana's Romances: Between Fame, Contemplation, and Celebration." Rocio Quispe-Agnoli 15. "Philosophical Sonnets: Through a Baroque Lens." Luis Aviles 16. "Primero sueno: Heresy and Knowledge." Alessandra Luiselli. C. Theater and Public Art 17. "Writing for the Public Eye: Theatrical Production, Church Spectacle, and State-Sponsored Art (The Neptuno alegorico)." Veronica Grossi 18. "Sor Juana as Lyricist and Musical Theorist." Mario Ortiz 19. "Loa to El Divino Narciso: The Costs of Critiquing the Conquest." Ivonne del Valle 20. "The Autos: Theology on Stage." Linda Egan 21. "Los empenos de una casa: Staging Gender." Susana Hernandez Araico 22. "Recently Discovered Plays: La segunda Celestina and Amor es mas laberinto." Guillermo Schmidhuber IV. Future Directions for Research 23. "Understudied Aspects of Canonical Works and Potential Approaches to Little-Studied Works." George Antony Thomas Works Cited
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