Routledge Research Companion to Popular Romance Fiction

Routledge Research Companion to Popular Romance Fiction

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Introduction Jayashree Kamble, Eric Murphy Selinger, Hsu-Ming Teo PART I: NATIONAL TRADITIONS 1 History of English Romance Novels, 1621-1975 jay Dixon 2 The Evolution of the American Romance Novel Pamela Regis 3 Australian Romance Fiction Lauren O'Mahony PART II: SUB-GENRES 4 Gothic Romance Angela Toscano 5 The Historical Romance Sarah H. Ficke 6 Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Maria T. Ramos-Garcia 7 Young Adult Romance Amanda K. Allen 8 Inspirational Romance Rebecca Barrett-Fox and Kristen Donnelly 9 Erotic Romance Jodi McAlister 10 African American Romance Julie E. Moody-Freeman 11 Explorations of the "Desert Passion Industry" Amira Jarmakani PART III: METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES 12 Romance in the Media Jayashree Kamble 13 Literary Approaches Eric Murphy Selinger 14 Author Studies and Popular Romance Fiction Kecia Ali 15 Social Science Reads Romance Joanna Gregson and Jennifer Lois 16 Publishing the Romance Novel John Markert 17 Libraries and Popular Romance Fiction Kristin Ramsdell PART IV: THEMES 18 Class and Wealth in Popular Romance Fiction Amy Burge 19 Sex and Sexuality Hannah McCann and Catherine M. Roach 20 Gender and Sexuality Jonathan A. Allan 21 Love and Romance Novels Hsu-Ming Teo 22 Romance and/as Religion Eric Murphy Selinger and Laura Vivanco 23 Race, Ethnicity, and Whiteness Erin S. Young 24 In Response to Harlequin: Global Legacy, Local Agency Kathrina Mohd Daud
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